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Board Introduction

The M2354 NuMaker-IoT board integrates the computing power of NuMicro® M2354 IoT Series and complete microcontroller security functions, and equips Wi-Fi and LoRa communication modules on the board. The NuMaker-IoT board with prebuilt APP is a demo code based on Mbed OS. It could sense pressure, temperature and humidity then displaying on the LCD panel.  In the meantime, the data also be sent to the AWS cloud by on-board Wi-Fi module. For monitoring IoT device easily, Nuvoton provide NuCloudConnector which is designed to connect IoT cloud server and monitors IoT devices' status or data.


In addition to comply with the Arm V8-M Trust Zone architecture, the M2354 also implements the Arm open source firmware (TF-M) trusted-firmware-m to protect the IoT device completely. Because of this security architecture, the data encrypted/decrypted services and sensitive data storage is under the hardware isolation control.

The prebuilt APP is developed under this security architecture. When the NuMaker-IoT-M2354 runs this demo, it starts handshaking with cloud server to check IoT device’s certificate stored in the secure region. The certificate only can be used by calling TF-M API. After the verification finished, the environmental data is sent to the AWS cloud thru mbedTLS.


For more details and documents, please link to Nuvoton Official Website GO


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