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Board Introduction

The NuMaker-M031TC development board consists of two parts, a M031TC1AE platform and an on-board Nu-Link2-Me debugger and programmer. The NuMaker-M031TC allows users to quickly develop and easily program and debug application.

The NuMaker-M031TC offers M031TC1AE full pins extension connectors, Arduino UNO compatible extension connectors and diversified power supply option. It is an easy-to-develop platform for user to expand the functionality and build the applications. The NuMaker-M031TC also provides an ammeter connector, allowing user to monitor the microcontroller’s power consumption during development.

The Nu-Link2-Me is a debugger and programmer that supports on-line programming and debugging through SWD interface. The on-board 16 Mbit SPI Flash allows it able to off-line program the target microcontroller. Additionally, the Nu-Link2-Me provides virtual COM port (VCOM) function to print out messages on PC. Nu-Link2-Me can be separated from NuMaker-M031TC, allowing user to use as a mass production programming tool.

For more information and quick start guide, please visit the board page of company website


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